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  Large Tanker Chartering
The large tanker desk currently covers the Dirty and Clean Petroleum markets, including specialization in VLCC segment. The large tanker team is working with ship owners with substantial tanker fleets and is able to provide charterers a vast number of vessels comprising of VLCC, Suezmax, Aframax, Panamax and MR tankers. One of the most important functions we will provide to our principals is advanced market analysis and reports.

  Chemical Tanker Chartering
The desk has comprehensive experience in Spot, COA and time charters. The team of brokers is dedicated to providing solutions for a client base of suppliers, traders, receivers and charterers in Small CPP, Chemical and Palm oil trades. The extensive post fixture management is our core strength in the Chemical desk.

  Gas Tanker Chartering
Brokers on this desk have extensive hands on experience on Gas Tankers and are able to provide charterers and owners with operational, technical and commercial expertise. Gas Tanker industry is a fast growing market and we are positioned to bring owners long term employment opportunities with reputed charterers. We are able to bring suitable space for our close charterers to meet their business model and strategies.

  Dry Bulk Chartering
We are actively engaged in the dry bulk sector since 2014. Our office In Dubai us strategically located to connect the busy Eastern hemisphere and the robust Western trading hubs of London and Geneva. Our India office is positioned to take advantage of the booming dry bulk markets in India which are seeing unprecedented growth and expansion. We are looking positively to the future and will seek to expand the desk with experienced brokers working out of the Singapore and Shanghai offices in near future.

  Projects / Sale and Purchase
The SNP desk focuses on sale, purchase, demolition and project finance. We work with our principals worldwide covering all segment of shipping including off-shore projects. Our Project portfolio includes TCs, BBCs, and Pools. With combined strength of our chartering and project teams, we are also able to provide total commercial management solution to our clients.

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