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   About Us
Strait Shipbrokers (Singapore) Pte Ltd has been established in August 2005 in Singapore. In a span of few years, we have grown to become an established player in the marine bulk liquid transport industry offering varied services in shipbrokering of bulk petrochemicals, Veg oil, LPG, LNG, clean petroleum and crude oil. The scope of business is based on fixing IMO II/III tanker, CPP tankers, Aframax, Suez Max, VLCC, Gas tankers, S&P and Projects.

To be a trusted and reliable company by being legendary in assiting clients towards maximising their full potential.

To develop a roadmap to further enhance the Strait shipbroker brand by having an an efficient and effective internal structure made up of well-defined workflows and supporting infrastructure.

Our Values  
We will maintain a relentless focus on providing a smooth hassle-free contract of affreightment for our clients, pre-fixture as well as post-fixture.We believe that good values and ethics are good business strategies. At Strait Shipbrokers, we are hardworking, sincere and straight forward.

What make us Different  
Our commitment and dedication to concluding a smooth fixture and incident-free voyage for our clients is what makes us different. To accomplish this, our team has the resources and staff who have navigated, operated, loaded, discharged and managed the asset at the core of this business -the ship. We have a combined hands-on experience totalling over 110 years on all kinds of ships. Complementing that is a combined experience of 30 years of shore-based ship management and operational experience in all areas like Commercial, Insurance, Marine Operations, Quality, Safety and Vetting Inspections with major ship-owners, ship managers and charterers.

Our Business Values And Philosophy  
We do not set personal or organizational goals that come in the way of what we would like for our Principals. We want each business deal to conclude incident-free and to the satisfaction of both our principals. We are here for the long-haul, and we wish to retain our clients for life, and if possible for many generations to come. We believe that good values and ethics are good business strategies.


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